Dog Bedding

Discover our dog bedding collection

Every season, Milk&Pepper imagines and creates new beds’ collections for your dog, inspired from the biggest fashion and home interior design trends. Milk&Pepper offers a wide selection of mattresses, cushions, but also baskets, and teepees

Our range of beddings for dogs

Milk&Pepper’s beds offer your dog comfort and good sleep conditions. Milk&Pepper has a wide range of high-quality beddings four your furry friend. 

Our dogs beddings are especially designed for small dogs (the Chihuahua, the Yorkshire, the Maltese…), for mid-sized dogs (the Bulldog, the Pug, the Jack Russel…), and for big dogs (the Labrador, the Golden Retriever, the German Shepherd…): no one is left aside! 

Our dogs mattresses are soft, thick, and comfortable: an ideal place for your pet to get some rest. With a mattress, your dog doesn’t have to sleep on the floor, and is therefore protected from the cold and humidity. 

Our mattresses are made in three sizes, with a length of either 80cm, 100cm, or 120cm, and are perfect for big dogs. 

Milk&Pepper’s mattresses are inspired from home interior design’s latest trends to match your own house. 

Our dogs cushions, very comfortable and original, are perfect cosy nests. There are made in two different shapes: round and oval, and are washable in machine (30°c). Our cushions are ideal for small and mid-sized dogs. 

Our dogs baskets or dogs Sofas are an ideal spot for your pet to get some rest. They are original and can easily be associated to your home interior design, but are first of all comfortable and thick to offer the best naps to your pet. 

Milk&Pepper also designs dogs tipis. A tipi is a perfect place to get some rest while being cosy and offering a safety feeling. Each tipi has a little soft and comfy cushion to make your pet feel at home in your house. 

All of our beddings are made in Europe.