Dog Tee-Shirt

Discover our dog's tee-shirt collection

Real must have accessory, Milk&Pepper’s t-shirt clothes your dog and gives him/her a chic and trendy look for the summer. A dog’s t-shirt also protects its fur and skin from sunburn as well as from the cold during fresh summer nights. Our t-shirts offer originality and quality. They perfectly suit small and mid-sized dogs. Consult our size guide to make sure you get the perfect fit for your furry friend! 

  • I Love My Dog Women's T-Shirt - Milk&Pepper
    • Reduced price

    I Love My Dog Woman T-Shirt

    €29.08 €20.36

  • Paradisio T-Shirt for dogs - Milk&Pepper
    • Reduced price

    Paradisio T-Shirt

    €20.75 €14.53

    Here comes the heat, combined with the sweet fragrance of Italy and its "DOLCE VITA". Inspired by the retro atmosphere of the 60's, this white and black dog tshirt, embellished with a golden touch, talks about this italian chic and elegance, "CIAO BELLA"

  • Honolulu dog polo shirt - Milk&Pepper
    • Reduced price

    Honolulu Polo - Marine

    €29.58 €20.71

    Summer is coming as an invitation to dream and travel. Milk&Pepper takes off to Hawaï and "Kahala Beach", cradle of the surf culture. This exotic atmosphere is created by subtle colours' harmonies. Its casual flowers printed items are perfect to strut downtown or at the beach. In a nutshell: "ALOHA!"

  • Reef Dog Polo Milk&Pepper
    • Reduced price

    Reef Polo - Marine

    €29.08 €20.36

  • Kalapana dog T-Shirt Milk&Pepper
    • Reduced price

    Kalapana T-Shirt - White

    €16.58 €11.61

  • Devon Dog T-Shirt Milk&Pepper
    • Reduced price

    Devon T-Shirt - Pink

    €16.58 €11.61

Our range of t-shirts for dogs

Milk&Pepper is one of the only brands offering a real summer collection with a wide range of t-shirts and polos for dogs

Our t-shirts are especially designed for small and mid-sized dogs as the Chihuahua, the Yorkshire, the Maltese, the Dachshund, the Jack Russel, the Pug, the Bulldog, or the French Bulldog… 

Milk&Pepper’s dogs’ t-shirts are inspired from fashion trends. There is something for everyone! Vintage, with an exclusive print, with a special embroidery, with sequins, polos, as well as original t-shirts. 

Our t-shirts give your dog a trendy style during summer, for a walk on the beach or a relaxing moment at the pool. 

You can easily match our t-shirts with our collars to complete your pet’s style. 

Our tips to choose the right size of t-shirts

In order to pick the right and adapted size of t-shirt, it is necessary to get the two following measures: 

- The chest girth (behind the front paws)

- The length of the back (from the base of the neck until the base of the tail). 

If you hesitate between two sizes, go the for biggest. 

Our size guides are available, depending on the t-shirt, with the item’s pictures.