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Dog Cap

Discover our dog's cap collection

Milk&Pepper’s dogs’ caps are a good way to protect your pet’s head and ears from the cold and the wind. It is mostly practical in winter when temperatures drop or when it snows. Our caps for dogs offer comfort and quality and perfectly adapt to small and mid-sized dogs’ heads. Consult our size guide to make sure you get the perfect fit for your dog! 

  • Torso Cap for dogs - Milk&Pepper
    • Reduced price

    Torso Cap - Beige

    €22.42 €15.69

  • Cap Kawaii Black - Milk&Pepper
    • Reduced price

    Cap Kawaii - Black

    €19.92 €13.94

  • Cap Noa
    • Reduced price

    Cap Noa - Blue

    €19.92 €13.94

    Bonnet Noa

Our range of caps for dogs

Milk&Pepper offers many caps for dogs

Our dog's caps are designed for small and mid-sized dogs as the Chihuahua, the Yorkshire, the Maltese, the Dachshund, the Jack Russel, the Pug, the Bulldog, or the French Bulldog… 

All our caps have a tassel on the top and are made in warm material in order to keep the hit of the head from going away. 

The cap isn’t simply a fashion item. It is definitely a way to protect your pet from the cold. It fully covers your dog’s head and goes down until the base of the neck. 

Our caps can be combined with the matching sweaters for a total look and to make sure your dog won’t get cold. They can also be worn with one of Milk&Pepper’s coats

Our tips to choose the right size of cap

In order to pick the right and adapted size, it is necessary to get the following measure: 

- The head girth.

Our size guides are available, depending on the cap, with the item’s pictures.