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Dog Sweater

Discover our dog's sweaters collection

Milk&Pepper’s sweaters are highly recommended to protect your dog from cold winter, while still being stylish. Our dog's sweaters combine originality, comfort, quality, and can perfectly suit small and mid-sized dogs’ morphology. Consult our size guide to make sure you get the perfect size for your dog! 

Our range of sweaters for dogs

Milk&Pepper offers a wide range of sweaters for dogs

Our sweaters are especially designed for small and mid-sized dogs as the Chihuahua, the Yorkshire, the Maltese, the Dachshund, the Jack Russel, the Pug, the Bulldog and the French Bulldog… 

All of Milk&Pepper’s dog's sweaters have a turtleneck and are made in warm material to protect your dog from cold winters. 

Milk&Pepper’s sweaters are inspired from the fashion trends. There is, for sure, a model for everyone: with an original pattern, sequins, or a jacquard fabric…

Our sweaters can also be matched with a dog's cap to present a total look and keep your friend warm.

Sweaters for Chihuahuas 

The Chihuahua is an emblematic breed for our brand. It is one of the most sensitive breeds in cold winters. This is the reason why Milk&Pepper has developed a line of sweaters dedicated to trendy and fashion Chihuahuas, from size 20 to size 34, so that they can stay warm while being outside in cold weather. 

Sweaters for Bulldogs

The Bulldog/French Bulldog is the emblematic breed for our brand. Take care of your furry friend and protect him/her from the cold with Milk&Pepper’s sweaters: ideal to offer comfort and style to your Bulldog. Bulldogs’ sizes start at size 40. 

Our tips to choose the right size of sweater

In order to pick the right and adapted size of sweater, it is necessary to get the two following measures: 

- The chest girth (behind the front paws)

- The length of the back (from the base of the neck until the base of the tail). 

If you hesitate between two sizes, go the for biggest. 

Our size guides are available, depending on the sweater, with the item’s pictures.