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Milk&Pepper’s hoody is a key item for our brand. We offer original, comfortable and casual dog’s hoodies. A Milk&Pepper’s Hoody is the perfect item to fit in an urban chic environment and give your puppy a trendy look. The Hoody offers a warm protection for your pet. Our size guides are available, with the item’s pictures. 

  • Dog sweatshirt Skipper - Milk&Pepper
    • Reduced price

    Skipper Hoody - Marine

    €39.92 €27.94

    • Reduced price

    Sweat Rookie - Navy Blue

    €38.25 €26.78
    • Hoody dedicated to little and mid-sized dogs
    • Navy fleece hoody
    • Hood's lining in off-white micro fur
    • ""Rookie Division 1929"" vintage camel imitation leather and felt
    • Opening on the top of the back for the leash
    • Closes under the stomach with a double row of titanium snap fasteners - engrave ""M&P""
    • Little titanium ""Milk&Pepper"" plate on the hood

  • Kahala Milk&Pepper Dog Hoody
    • Reduced price

    Kahala Hoodie

    €39.92 €27.94

    Summer is coming as an invitation to dream and travel. Milk&Pepper takes off to Hawaï and "Kahala Beach", cradle of the surf culture. This exotic atmosphere is created by subtle colours' harmonies. Its casual flowers printed items are perfect to strut downtown or at the beach. In a nutshell: "ALOHA!"

  • Crew Milk&Pepper Dog Hoody
    • Reduced price

    Crew Hoodie - Marine

    €39.92 €27.94

    While spring is slowly taking us out winter, our theme Heritage expands the palette of our Casual & Chic identity. This Crew dog hoodie modern classic combines urban codes and nautical inspirations.

Our range of hoodies for dogs

Milk&Pepper offers a wide range of hoodies for dogs

Our hoodies are dedicated to small and mid-sized dogs from the little Chihuahua/Yorkshire to the Pug/French Bulldog

Our hoodies for dogs have a hood, and an opening on the top of the back for the lead. The hoodies are very easy to put on and remove thanks to the snap fasteners (engraved “M&P”) under the stomach. They also give your dog comfort and ease while keeping him/her warm. 

With his/her Milk&Pepper’s hoody, your dog will be able to enjoy a walk to the fullest in mid-season. 

Milk&Pepper’s hoodies are inspired from fashion trends, and are the best way to give your dog an original and elegant, if not a quirky, style. 

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Our tips to choose the right size of hoody for your dog

A hoody for a dog has a ¾ size, meaning that it stops at ¾ of the length of the back.  

In order to pick the right and adapted size of hoody, it is necessary to get the two following measures: 

- The chest girth (behind the front paws)

- The length of the back (from the base of the neck until the base of the tail). 

If you hesitate between two sizes, go the for biggest. 

Our size guides are available, depending on the hoody, with the item’s pictures.