Cat Basket

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Your cat loves sleeping, its one of his/her main activity, and this is the reason why our cat Sofas are a great place for your cat to rest quietly. We offer many models of square and hexagonal sofas for cats: there will definitely be one for you and your cat! 

Our range of Sofas for cats

Milk&Pepper has a wide range of sofas for cats.

Our cat sofa exists in two shapes: square, and hexagonal. 

Our cat sofas are inspired of the biggest home interior trends so that all of them can fit your own house. 

Milk&Pepper’s sofas are made in Europe.

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What are the dimensions of our sofas for cats? 

Check out our sofas’ dimensions to make sure you pick the right one: 

There are two shapes of them: 

Square sofas for cats: 

o Size PM: 55cm long (for small cats)

o Size MM: 65cm long (for cats)

Hexagonal sofas for cats: 

o Size PM: 38cm long (for small cats)

o Size GM: 55cm long (for cats)