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Dog Carrier

Discover our dog carrier collection

A dog carrier is ideal to bring your furry friend everywhere with you. Milk&Pepper’s carriers have been designed for small and mid-sized dogs. The Capsule range is dedicated to small dogs only, and the others can be used with a small or a mid-sized dog. The Capsule range has been thought to match the Stardust collars and can be used to complete your dog’s style while being transported.  

  • Nora dog carrier bag - Milk&Pepper
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    Nora Carry Bag - Navy Blue

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Our range of carriers for dogs

Our range of dog carriers is ideal for outings and to carry your pet wherever you want. 

The Capsule carrier collection has a puffy design and has been especially created for small dogs (the Chihuahua, the Yorkshire, the Maltese, the Shih-Tzu…). The Capsule carriers have micro fur inside to keep your little dog comfy and warm. It has a strass strip on the outside and a golden metal “Milk&Pepper” plate. To allow you to carry your dog safely, there is a non-slip mat, a zipped fastening as well as a security lead. 

Our Stardust range of collars can perfectly match this Capsule range. 

The Escale, Bowling, Nora and Eden dogs carriers have been designed for small dogs (the Chihuahua, the Yorkshire, the Maltese, the Shih-Tzu…) and mid-sized dogs (the Bulldog, the Pug, the Jack Russel…). 

The Eden one can easily be associated to our Amaya collars’ collection.

The Nora one fits perfectly to the Quartz collars. 

The Bowling carrier, created to expand our “Heritage” DNA collection, goes without any doubt with the other items of this range of designs. 

The Escale carrier fits beautifully our Hogan collars’ collection, and can easily be combined with all our Sailor (“Matelot”) items.

All of our carriers offer quality, comfort and style to your loved one. 

What are the carriers’ dimensions?

Check out our carriers’ dimensions to make sure you pick the right one: 

- The Capsule bags exist in two sizes: 

PM: 32x16x22(h)cm;

MM:  40x20x27(h)cm;

- The Nora and Eden bags’ dimensions are 42x20x32(h)cm;

- The Escale and Bowling carriers’ dimensions are 40x20x26(h)cm.