Dog Plush Toy

Discover our dog plush toy collection

Milk&Pepper’s plush toy will easily and quickly become your furry friend’s favourite! Our plush toy is very soft and brings comfort to your dog when you are away. It has a sound effect and facilitates play times. 

  • Gwen Toy - White

  • Glen Toy - Red

  • Luce Toy - Pink


  • Romy Toy

  • Sekou Toy - Kaki


Our range of plush toys for your dog

Launched for Christmas 2018, our first designed have been a great success. The softness brings high comfort to your sweet one, and its noise stimulates play times and eases interaction and chewing. 

It is a real asset to overcome boredom when your dog is left alone. 

Our plush toys combine originality, tenderness, quality, and will for sure become one of your pet’s best friends. 

Our little toys are dedicated to small and mid-sized dogs, but are not appropriate for big ones. The rope ones can however easily suit a big dog.