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Dog Teepee

Discover our dog teepee collection

Milk&Pepper is also one of the rare brands to offer teepees for dogs. The teepee is a perfect place for your dog to rest and feel relaxed when tired. Not only great for your dog, it is a true home interior design item. Our teepees are ideal for small dogs and mid-sized dogs. 

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Our range of teepee for dogs

Milk&Pepper offers several teepees for dogs

Our dogs teepees combine elegant and robust materials to present a retro or Scandinavian style to your house. 

Our teepees are all equipped with a soft and comfy cushion so that your dog can relax and get some proper rest. 

They have 4 removable wooden jambs that are very easy to place and remove.

A dog teepee can be directly installed on the floor and is a warm and carrying place for your dog. 

Milk&Pepper’s teepees are designed for small dogs (the Chihuahua, the Yorkshire, the Maltese…) and for mid-sized dogs (the Bulldog, the Pug, the Jack Russel…). 

They can be washed in machine (30°c). 

Our designer Sylvain Brejon always gets inspired from the biggest home interior design’s trends so that each tipi can be in harmony with your house; 

All of Milk&Pepper’s tipis are made in Europe. 

What are the tipis’ dimensions?

Check out our tipis’ dimensions to make sure you pick the right one: 

There are two sizes of tipis: 

- Small : 42x42x70(h)cm (for small dogs and cats)

- Big : 55x55x85(h)cm (for mid-sized dogs and cats)