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Dog Harness

Discover our dog's harnesses collection

Milk&Pepper’s dog harness protects the neck and trachea of your dog to avoid strangulation if he/she pulls. We offer many models for small dogs: There is without any doubt one that will make you happy! Consult our size guide to make sure you get the perfect size for your dog! 

  • Harness Milkyway Pink - Milk&Pepper
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    Harness Milkyway - Pink

    €16.58 €11.61
  • Harnais Shine Cuivre

  • Summer is coming as an invitation to dream and travel. Milk&Pepper takes off to Hawaï and "Kahala Beach", cradle of the surf culture. This exotic atmosphere is created by subtle colours' harmonies. Its casual flowers printed dog's harness is perfect to strut downtown or at the beach. In a nutshell: "ALOHA!"

Our harnesses for dogs 

Milk&Pepper offers a wide range or harnesses for dogs, essential for your outings with your dog while avoiding hurting its neck or trachea. The dog’s harness avoids risking strangulation. 

Our harnesses are especially designed for small dogs (the Chihuahua, the Yorkshire, the Maltese…). 

Go check online our dog harnesses: imitation leather, strass… 

Each harness has a medallion with an “M&P” engraving to show the world your furry friend is part of the big Milk&Pepper’s family. 

Milk&Pepper’s harnesses combine quality, style and comfort. They give a trendy and stylish look to your small dog. 

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Our tips to choose the right size of dog’s harness: 

In order to pick the right and adapted size of harness, it is necessary to get the following measure: 

- The chest girth (right behind the front paws, at its largest). 

If you hesitate between two sizes, go the for biggest. 

Our size guides are available, depending on the piece, with the item’s pictures